Where Are The Booming Luxury Home Markets?

luxury real estate markets

What comes to mind when you hear “luxury real estate”? Visions of coastline properties with newer homes that feature outdoor living areas overlooking a beautiful water view? Or maybe a mountain retreat with beautiful sunsets each evening? In recent years, the luxury home market boom has been found in coastal towns. You may be surprised by a new report that has come out looking at cities from middle America that are booming in luxury home markets.

Booming Luxury Home Markets

Recently a report was released with the top 5 luxury markets to watch including:

  • Boise, Idaho
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Fort Worth, Texas

The report used these factors to determine the rankings: sales price to list price ratios, days on the market, median list price, and inventory. Other factors included the range of lifestyle amenities offered, education experiences, airport accessibility, ease of doing business, and more.

Charlotte, NC has been in the news for the past 5 years for many of the factors listed above, so it is no surprise it is on this list as well. Growth in the Queen City was previously attributed to the banking industry, but most recently technology, health-related jobs, and advanced manufacturing have all brought big business to the area.

Luxury Home Trends To Follow

It will be exciting to follow the new trends that are emerging in luxury real estate in 2020. Recently, we have seen luxury home buyers interested in eco-friendly homes, smart tech homes, and energy-efficient homes in the past year. The expectation of green-certified building has also been on the rise.

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