Dickens Mitchener Receives High Honors at Agent Summit

catharine pappas dickens mitchener relocationEveryone at Dickens Mitchener is thrilled to share with you that our company has won the coveted Diamond and Crown of Excellence awards for unparalleled service and performance within our relocation department for 2019. These awards were presented to our Relocation Director, Catharine Pappas, on stage this past week at the annual global conference for Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, the premier referral network of independent real estate brokers. We were also recognized for our company marketing, our partnership with Relo Direct and for holding the MBA of Relocation, the RQC.  We are one of only 26 companies worldwide out of our network of 565 companies that holds the RQC-The Relocation Quality Certification designation.

Our relocation department is determined to offer the best experience to employees that are transferring in and out of Charlotte.  We also excel at finding top agents that have time to devote to you in any market, whether you are relocating for work, retirement or searching for a second home.  Please reach out to your Dickens Mitchener agent or the relocation department if we can help.

We could not have achieved this pinnacle of success without the trust of our valued friends, clients, and industry partners.  Thank you for relying on us to help you with your real estate needs across the country and around the world.

Dickens Mitchener Nominated For 8 Relocation Awards

relocation awards dickens mitchenerWe are so proud of our Relocation Director, Catharine Pappas for bringing in EIGHT award nominations for the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World conference in Las Vegas, Nevada next week. At the conference, the top real estate companies in every major market across the globe gather to network and celebrate their accomplishments of the past year.

Pappas looks forward to this conference as she serves as the Chair of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Advisory Council. In this role, she advocates for the members of the network and ensures that projects that are identified by the board of directors are carried out to make the best real estate companies even better.

The companies in this network pride themselves in doing the best job possible for every client. Pappas thanks our talented Dickens Mitchener agents who make this success possible when we are always trusted to find the best new home for people relocating to Charlotte, NC.

To learn more about Leading Real Estate Companies of the World: click here.

Dickens Mitchener Nominations for Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, 2020 Annual Conference:

(1) 2019 Diamond Award Nomination
(2) 2019 Agent Production Award Nomination
(3) 2019 RELO Direct® – Direct Connection Leads Award Nomination
(4) 2019 Pinnacle Award Nomination
(5) 2019 Award of Excellence, Equivalent Closings Sales Production Nomination
(6) 2019 Award of Excellence, Outgoing Sales Production Nomination
(7) 2019 Award of Excellence, Outgoing Referral Production Nomination
(8) RELO Direct® LeadingRE Partnership Award Nomination


Catharine Pappas Nominated For Prestigious Relocation Award

Catharine Pappas Nominated Relo Direct AwardWe are excited to congratulate Catharine Pappas for her recent nomination for the RELO Direct® LeadingRE Partnership Award. These awards recognize the LeadingRE members who have consistently demonstrated excellence in service and lead generation, as well as the overall Ambassador of the Year to RELO Direct®. Catharine was invited to represent Dickens Mitchener at the exclusive RELO Direct’s Corporate Forum Awards Luncheon next month during the RELO Direct® Corporate Forum in Las Vegas.

Pappas currently serves on the Relocation Directors Council Board of Directors as the Membership Chair. She is also the current Chairman of the Advisory Council for Leading Real Estate Companies of the World where she was inducted into the Relocation Hall of Fame in 2018 based on her service to the organization.

Dickens Mitchener is the Charlotte representative of LeadingRE. With a global membership that spans over 70 countries, LeadingRE connects top independent firms with more than 130,000 sales associates who produce over 1.1 million real estate transactions each year. As a member of LeadingRE, Dickens Mitchener provides a quality real estate experience, global marketing reach and access to top real estate professionals in virtually any market worldwide.

To learn more about our Relocation Department click here.

Where Are The Top 10 Cities To Move To Right Now In The US?

Charlotte, NC ranked as one of the top 10 cities to move to in the US right now.

Do you ever have the urge to move somewhere new and aren’t quite sure where to go? Curbed, a website by Vox Media, has recently ranked cities across the US based on walkability, park access, diversity, housing costs, job opportunities, and more. These criteria add up to livability.

Two metro areas in North Carolina found their place on the “10 best cities in the US to move right now”, Charlotte and Raleigh.

Charlotte has long been associated with banking and skyscrapers. But recently the Queen City was noticed as one of America’s boomtowns by attracting workers and businesses to our area, especially millennials. The Queen City has added nearly 50,000 apartments attracting the young workers to Charlotte. Office construction has also been on the rise especially around the light rail line. The Rail Trail has created a walkable area for the residents around Southend to Uptown.

See our tour of Charlotte below.

Charlotte and Raleigh were also recently ranked by the website Numbeo for having the best quality of life in the world based on a study of factors that contribute to residents’ happiness.

Are you interested in learning more about life in Charlotte, NC? Our Director of Relocation, Catharine Pappas would love to hear from you and show you around the Queen City. Contact her today.

Charlotte, NC Ranks at #20 Best Places to Live in US

Charlotte, NC best places to live in the US

US News and World Report recently released the top 20 places to live in the US, based on the value of homes, have a strong job market and a high quality of life. Five cities in NC made the list with Charlotte, NC landing at #20.

Austin, TX topped the list as the best place to live in the US and also ranked #11 in Best Places to Retire. Raleigh & Durham, NC both came in at #10 on the list. They are known as part of the Research Triangle in NC and are home to several universities. The job market continues to grow in the area and also boasts a high quality of life. The cities landed at #28 on the Best Places to Retire list.

Charlotte, NC landed at #20 on the Best Places to Live list. The Queen City has grown out of the shadow of Atlanta and is now its own destination. Charlotte has been known for the banking industry but is quickly becoming a haven for tech companies as well. The bustling restaurant industry has brought culinary sophistication to the region. The old Southern charm is still here, but more and more people are moving to the area making it a diverse population. You no longer feel like an outsider as most people are transplants in the city. Charlotte was ranked #32 in Best Places to Retire.

Charlotte is also dedicated to adding more green space to the area in the next 4 years. There are currently 49 miles of greenways in the area and the plan is to increase that by 31 miles across the county. The city is also trying to build its own “Central Park” just outside of uptown. Charlotte Agenda has a great overview of this exciting project here.

Are you interested in moving to the Charlotte, NC area? Contact our Relocation Director, Catherine Pappas at (704) 661-2402 to get connected with an experienced agent.

Renting VS Buying in Charlotte, NC

When moving to Charlotte, NC, many people have to decide which is better, renting vs buying. If this sounds like you, look no further— we are here to help! All our agents are experts in the current Charlotte real estate market and have broken down for us why buying makes more financial sense than renting.

1. In Charlotte, According to SmartAsset, a financial company that has crunched the numbers on home markets, it takes about 2.2 years for the cost of renting to surpass the cost of buying a home. That ranks Charlotte as the 23rd best place in the country to buy a home as opposed to renting.

2. Mortgage rates are as low as they have been in several years. They will not stay this low, so now is the best time to buy.

3. Currently, rental rates in Charlotte are higher than mortgage rates. At the end of the day, paying rent is covering someone’s mortgage, it may as well be your own!

4. Build your equity! When you buy a home, it may seem like your money is disappearing- but it isn’t. The payments you make on your home become equity, which is a degree of ownership in your home that can be used as collateral for other loans.

5. Tax deductions – When you buy a home there will be several income tax deductions that are not available to renters.

If you want to talk to a professional about whether or not its the right time to buy, contact a Dickens Mitchener agent today!

5 Tips for a Smooth Relocation to Charlotte, NC

So you’re planning a relocation to Charlotte, NC — congratulations! Whether you’re moving for work, for family or just to seek out new adventures, we can’t think of a better place to move. But even as you embark on this exciting new chapter in your life, the relocation itself may come with a lot of extra stress as you hammer out the thousands of details involved with a major move. To help ease the strain, here are 5 important tips for to help you make a smooth transition to our lovely city.

1. Get to Know the Area

If you’re still figuring out where to live in Charlotte, take some time to familiarize yourself with the area before settling on a place. This city has a diversity of great neighborhoods for every family situation, budget and lifestyle. Consider factors like school districts, work commutes and overall budget to help you decide on a few prime neighborhoods to look at for your relocation.

2. Get Organized

It sounds simple, even trite, but the very act of planning ahead can cut your stress in half. Get a notebook together and start compiling a to-do list and schedule. Put everything on the list that you can think of, from notifying utilities to scheduling the movers to putting in a change of address, to scheduling time off work before and after moving day. If you haven’t found a new place to live yet, add that to the list! But you can set up this list even before your new lodgings are established. The sooner you get organized, the easier your move will be when it comes time to check things off your list.

3. Assemble a Necessity Box

When you’re in the midst of a major move, there are few things more frustrating than trying to figure out which box you packed the stapler in, or the tape, or something else you need. Before the big day, we recommend setting up a “necessity box” with all the items you’re likely to need during the move itself — from office items to paperwork to packing tape, etc — anything you might need for your day-to-day operations while the move is in progress. This box should either stay with you in the vehicle, or it can be the last box on and the first box off the truck. Just make sure you know where it is and what’s in it.

4. Decide what Goes and what Stays

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably collected a bunch of stuff you’re not going to use anymore — stuff that is just dead weight and doesn’t need to come with you on the move. Make your move simpler and less expensive by deciding ahead of time what should be left behind. Have a yard sale, sell items on Craigslist, etc.

5. Get Help from a Relocation Specialist

When making a major move to an unfamiliar place, one of the best things you can do to ensure a smooth relocation is to enlist help from someone who is intimately familiar with the area — someone who can help you learn the city, find a place to live and coordinate next steps with you. Dickens Mitchener offers a comprehensive relocation service for both corporate and individual moves — a service that helps you coordinate all the details from departure and destination, including personalized tours, transportation, home finding services, mortgage counseling, rental assistance and even help finding services like doctors, veterinarians and plumbers! If you’re relocating to Charlotte, NC, we’d love to be the first to welcome you home and give you all the assistance you need in getting here. To learn more about our relocation services, just give us a call at (704) 661-2402.

Top 10 Most Popular US Cities Right Now

Not only does Austin, Texas have some of the highest temperatures in the US, but it also has the highest ranking for the current most popular US cities to live in according to the US Business Insider list. Realtor.com recently looked at all of the cities in the US and ranked the top 10, placing the capital of Texas at number one. The way they ranked the cities was by three data sources including migration ratio, views ratio, and growth ratio. After looking at this data, they determined that the top 10 cities are….

10. Portland, Oregon

Top 10 cities Portland








9. Tucson, Arizona

top 10 city tucson










8. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Top 10 city Oklahoma City












7. Riverside-San Bernardino, California

top 10 city riverside ca













6. Phoenix, Arizona

top 10 city phoenix az














5. Charlotte, North Carolina

top 10 city charlotte nc












4. Nashville, Tennessee

top 10 city to liv nashville












3. Las Vegas, Nevada

top 10 city las vegas nv











2. Jacksonville, Florida

top 10 city jacksonville fl









1. Austin, Texas

top 10 city austin tx











The Dickens Mitchener relocation team can help you find a home anywhere, thanks to our Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® network. Contact Catharine Pappas to be connected with a top REALTOR®/Broker in your area, whether you are moving to or from another area of NC, the United States, or the world!

charlotte dilworth walkable neighborhood

Which Charlotte Neighborhood Is Right for Me?

A common question we get from people relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina is “which Charlotte neighborhood is right for me?”

Indeed, Charlotte is a city of many great neighborhoods, each with its own advantages and personality. Choosing the best place to call home has a lot to do with your own priorities and preferences. Are you looking for a quiet community for a growing family? Do you prefer to be close to nature? Is walkability important to you? Are you looking for artistic inspiration? Are you looking for a vibrant nightlife?

Your knowledgeable real estate agent can give you specific details about the particular benefits of each Charlotte neighborhood. For now, let’s take a look at a few examples of some of the more popular neighborhoods and subdivisions and why people like them.


Located in South Charlotte, the Ballantyne community offers the best of suburban living, serving as both a commercial hub and a recreation destination. Enjoy several great shopping destinations just minutes away, relax at a luxury spa, play 18 holes at a PGA-ranked golf course, or commute just minutes to work at one of the top corporate parks in the city. Homes in this area tend to be newer and larger, with plenty of room to raise a family or entertain guests.


North Davidson Arts District (NoDa, for short) is not only one of Charlotte’s most walkable neighborhoods, but also one of its most eclectic creative communities. A haven for artists and art lovers alike, this community was once a residential village for workers in a nearby mill, but today has evolved into a thriving neighborhood of fine eateries, art galleries, live music venues and numerous community events.


Known for its bungalows and historic charm, the Dilworth neighborhood began as one of Charlotte’s first “streetcar suburbs” in the late 1800s. Today, with many of the historic homes restored, Dilworth is coveted for its quiet serenity, ample park space, tree-lined streets, fine restaurants and overall walkability.


Representing some of the finest in-town living available in Charlotte, SouthPark is an upscale neighborhood of winding streets and stately homes, not to mention one of the most popular shopping destinations in the state. Browse the exclusive stores of SouthPark Mall, dine in some of the best restaurants in town, or catch a concert at the gorgeous outdoor Symphony Park — all within minutes of your home.

These are just a few of the many wonderful neighborhoods to be found here in Charlotte. Acquaint yourself with all of Charlotte’s neighborhoods, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the team Dickens Mitchener help you find your dream home. For more information, call today at (704) 661-2402.

Catharine Pappas Joins LeadingRE’s Advisory Council

Catharine Pappas, Relocation Director

We are very excited and proud to announce that our Relocation Director Catharine Pappas has been invited to serve on the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® Advisory Council.

The Advisory Council is a leadership group comprised of business development and relocation professionals who provide guidance on key initiatives for the network’s 550 market-leading firms spanning six continents. Council members work closely with the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® management team on strategic network initiatives, mentor other affiliates, and serve as ambassadors for the organization’s extensive programs. Members are elected by fellow council members to serve a three-year term and are chosen based on the merits of their professional experience and reputation and their willingness to share their expertise for the benefit of the network.

We are so proud of Catharine for serving on this prestigious council and representing Dickens Mitchener! Read the full LeadingRE press release here for more details.