See The Plans For Queen’s Park in Charlotte, NC

July 17, 2020

Charlotte has been adding green spaces and miles of trails to the city for the last decade. The newly formed non-profit organization, “The Friends of Queen’s Park”, has unveiled a new project to turn a 220-acre rail yard into Charlotte’s own version of Central Park in NYC.

The group released the rendering’s earlier this month to show the vision of the project. And in a press release stated, “At 220 acres, Queen’s Park will be the largest and most diverse park within the city. Situated at the intersection of the Cross-Charlotte Trail, the Lynx Blue Line, the Rail Trail, and North Tryon Street, the park will accommodate amenities such as a flexible great lawn, a regional cultural district, and a natural area that showcases nature and natural systems. It will connect diverse and exciting neighborhoods and change the way that we think about parks in the city of Charlotte.”

NYC has Central Park, San Diego has Balboa Park, Golden Gate Park is in San Francisco, and Hyde Park is found in London. World class cities all have a park that is a central place for people to gather and celebrate arts, cultural events, natural areas, and more.

The group is asking supporters to use the hashtag #Tracks2Trees on social media. See the renderings and other ways to support this project on their website.

Rendering Credit Friends of Queen’s Park
Rendering Credit Friends of Queen’s Park