Daylight Saving Time Checklist

Sunday, November 3rd marks the end of DaylightSaving Time for 2019. With the time change happening just twice a year, our team of experts suggest making the household duties that should occur 1-2x annually part of your DST routine, beyond simply changing the hand of the clocks. Below we outline our ten to-dos to ensure your house is setup to last through the new season before falling back this weekend.

  1. Check the batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarms (CO alarms can expire so check to see if any equipment needs replacing).
  2. Wash pillows and stuffed animals/toys.
  3. Clean out gutters.
  4. Change the air filters in your home.
  5. Clean window screens.
  6. Vacuum under furniture.
  7. Switch out your seasonal wardrobes to prepare for colder weather. Go a step further and put a donation pile together of items you’ve been holding onto and donate to a local charity who can repurpose the clothing item to someone in our community in need this winter.
  8. Reverse your ceiling fan’s direction to blow down to help circulate heat from the furnace.
  9. Check your First Aid Kit for expired medicine and items.
  10. Update your computer’s virus protection software.