Relocating? Make It Easy With Our Relocation Team

relocatingAs relocation service experts, our experienced team is committed to making your life-changing move as stress-free and seamless as possible. Catharine Pappas is the mastermind leader of Dickens Mitchener’s award-winning relocation department. As a native Charlottean, Pappas brings a wealth of intimate knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and attention to her job of transitioning families to and from the Queen City.

When Catharine called her colleague Kim Barkoff at Halstead Global Services Division, she knew she had a big task on hand. The daughter of one of Catharine‘s clients found out that she needed to move to New York city with less than a month’s notice. Catharine reached out to Kim on behalf of her client to ask for all the help she could get for her big move to New York City. In less than 30 minutes, Kimberly’s agent Shannon Kausch lined up showings every 30 minutes for the entire day for Catharine‘s client! After a full day of showings, the client found an apartment. If you have a referral near or far, think of us and our amazing network of top agents around the world.

If you’re move is taking you to or away from Charlotte, our award-winning relocation department specializes in the transfer of individuals, families, and corporate employees to and from the Charlotte area. Dickens Mitchener is honored to make the prestigious, highly selective list of real estate firms recognized by Leading Real Estate Companies of the world. Our connection with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® allows us to put you in touch with a top broker in your destination area. As a proud affiliate member of the industry’s largest broker-to-broker network, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, we can help you find, list and sell, or manage properties in virtually any community, worldwide. Through these powerful partnerships, we work in cooperation with more than 500 top brokerage firms to identify buyers and sellers for properties all over the world.

The RELO® Quality Certification Program  developed by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®  identifies the top relocation departments in the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® network, this program recognizes outstanding efforts by those who go beyond expected quality service and instead choose to excel in their field. The standards for the certification are built upon a foundation of core values: company commitment, leadership, customer and results focus, education and resource allocation. Using a rigorous set of criteria, all aspects of a relocation department are carefully considered. From business plans and web site design to service evaluations and workplace environment, the thoroughness of the screening process guarantees that those approved have truly earned the designation “best-of-the-best.” Reviews ensure that these high standards are maintained, making the certification a legitimate industry benchmark.


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