For $200K, Would You Rather Buy a Box in Manhattan or a Mansion in San Antonio?

The perfect home combines great location, good price, and plenty of space. In today’s market this is hard to find especially in rapidly growing cities such as Charlotte. Location is often thought of as the number one factor when deciding on buying a house…but in reality it’s actually price.  $200,000 will only get you 126 square feet of living space in Manhattan; in Cleveland you can get over 3,700 square feet. Where does Charlotte fit in?  According to Property Shark, $200,000 will get 1,696 square feet of living space in Charlotte, NC. Are you willing to sacrifice space or location to stay within your budget?

how much home can you buy

Learn more about how much square feet you can get for $200k at Property Shark here. Thinking of moving to the Charlotte area? Dickens Mitchener is here to help! Give us a call at 704-661-2402.