5 Best Tips For Downsizing

downsizing tipsDownsizing a home can seem like a daunting task. Don’t let the stress of decluttering overwhelm you! Whether you are an empty nester, moving from a suburban home to a chic city apartment or a senior who is moving into a retirement community, we have 5 best tips for downsizing to help you get started.

  1. Start Now

Start your downsizing ahead of your move and set goals of what you would like to take with you to your next space. Couples & families, be sure to communicate before you get rid of things that may be sentimental to someone else in the family to avoid hurt feelings.

  1. How Much Space Will You Have?

Will your new space be able to handle your oversized furniture? Will your current décor match the interior of your new space? How much smaller is your new home? Decide before you move whether the expensive vase you bought in Paris will fit in with your new home style.

  1. No More Clutter

With all of the new smart home technologies, you can eliminate excess cords and wires by upgrading your technology. Use smarter storage solutions in your new space as well. If you don’t have a way to display all of your china, use a piece as a pencil holder or decorative accents throughout your home.

  1. Look For Items With Purpose

Go for quality over quantity in your new space. Look for furniture pieces that can be used in multiple ways. Look for ottomans with storage to keep extra blankets or toys hidden in them. Look for nightstands or tables with open and closed storage to keep unsightly items out of sight. Look for durable fabrics since you will be using all of your spaces for multiple uses in a smaller home. For example: a dining room may be used as a home office space during the week.

  1. Ask For Help

When in doubt, ask a friend, professional organizer or your trusted real estate agent to help you decide what you should keep. It’s always great to get an objective opinion when in doubt.

Downsizing can be a great way to sort through the clutter and keep only purposeful things in your life. If it is hard for you or a family member to let go of things, take pictures of your old space and any items you may be leaving behind that have sentimental value. After you move on, it will be a relief to have a new, uncluttered space to enjoy.

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