Thinking Of Building A Home? Get A Realtor® To Help You.

building a home

Charlotte’s status as one of the best cities in the country for real estate investment, might have you thinking of building a home in Queen City. It’s best to have a Realtor® represent you throughout the entire home building process—whether you’re tearing down a pre-existing structure or you’re building from the ground up. Of course, Realtors® can help you find and purchase a plot of land, but did you know that they can stay by your side during the process?

Here are 4 ways a Realtor® can help you build your dream home

1. Negotiating contracts

Contracts are often like the Terms & Conditions section of a website—lengthy and worded in a confusing manner. By having a Realtor® represent you throughout the home building process, they can us their knowledge and experience to explain what everything means.

2. Making sure the builder does what they say they’re going to do

This allows for someone who has supervised a home build before to oversee the process. Many Realtors®, even if they’re not licensed contractors, have a strong knowledge of how houses should be built. After all, a second (or third) set of eyes never hurts.

3. Checking estimates and making sure allowances are in the proper range based on experience with other new constructions

Having a Realtor® to represent you throughout the process can prevent unnecessary spending. Ultimately, this can save you money by ensuring that the builders stay within the original budget.

4. Having an advocate

It’s important to have someone that you really trust helping you with the process. When issues arise on the construction site, a Realtor® can walk you through steps to take to get back on track.

Thinking of building a home in the Charlotte area?Make sure to contact Catharine Pappas our Director of Relocation at (704) 661-2402.