The Home Of The Future Has Arrived And It’s Perfect For Charlotte, NC

home of the future

This quarter, Amazon revealed its “Experience Centers”—the home of the future or smart homes connected to the internet through a variety of devices. The tech giant installed the devices in 15 Lennar-owned model homes across the United States. Experience Centers don’t exist in Charlotte yet, but many features make it perfect for residents of Charlotte.

Since the internet boom of the late 1990s, the world has become increasingly more connected. In the last decade, the growth and development of the smartphone industry has paved the way for nonstop connectedness. The increased number of personal health devices, such as Apple Watches and Fitbits, have connected the human physical state to the online world. However, our homes seem to fall short in this area of technological expansion.

Here are 4 features found in the Experience Centers

  1. Lights controlled by Amazon Alexa
  2. Adjustable thermostats with Amazon
  3. WiFi in every corner of the house, so there are no dead spots
  4. iOS and Android compatibility

These homes are literally built from the ground up for WiFi technology. During construction, builders are cautious of things like plumbing and ventilation to ensure that no place in the house is a dead zone.

With an Amazon distribution center located just north of Charlotte in the city of Concord, many common household products, especially if you’re an Amazon Prime member, can be on your doorstep by sundown. Having a connected home would allow you to order products with the touch of a button, or even your voice! This isn’t, however, the only benefit to having a smart home.

With a central location in the region, both the beach and the mountains are never more than a three hour drive from the queen city. Many residents escape the city for a getaway by going on long weekends to nearby cities like Boone, Asheville, and Charleston. With a smart home, you can control the lights, the alarm, and even the door locks without having to be physically present at your home. Undoubtedly, smart homes are efficient, fit into the lifestyle of many Charlotteans, and have made the future a reality.


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