Top 10 Most Popular US Cities Right Now

Not only does Austin, Texas have some of the highest temperatures in the US, but it also has the highest ranking for the current most popular US cities to live in according to the US Business Insider list. recently looked at all of the cities in the US and ranked the top 10, placing the capital of Texas at number one. The way they ranked the cities was by three data sources including migration ratio, views ratio, and growth ratio. After looking at this data, they determined that the top 10 cities are….

10. Portland, Oregon

Top 10 cities Portland








9. Tucson, Arizona

top 10 city tucson










8. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Top 10 city Oklahoma City












7. Riverside-San Bernardino, California

top 10 city riverside ca













6. Phoenix, Arizona

top 10 city phoenix az














5. Charlotte, North Carolina

top 10 city charlotte nc












4. Nashville, Tennessee

top 10 city to liv nashville












3. Las Vegas, Nevada

top 10 city las vegas nv











2. Jacksonville, Florida

top 10 city jacksonville fl









1. Austin, Texas

top 10 city austin tx











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