Top Breakfast Spots in Charlotte

Summer is here and kids are hungry! Choosing a breakfast spot in a city like Charlotte can be overwhelming, given the number of great places there are to choose from. Luckily, Charlotte Agenda narrowed down the field for us by ranking their top five best spots for a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich! Here are the top contenders:

  • The sandwich most likely to impress you with bacon thickness is from littleSpoon, located on Selwyn Ave.
  • The bacon, egg and cheese most likely to impact your cholesterol can be found at Brooks’ Sandwich House. Located on N. Brevard Street, Brooks’ Sandwich House has been in Charlotte serving great food for over 40 years!
  • The sandwich most likely to make your hands greasy and bring a smile to your face can be found at the Rhino Market & Deli on West Morehead St.
  • The BEC most likely to make you remember that biscuits will always be better than bread is found at none other than Bojangles’! A well-known fast food restaurant in the south, Bojangles’ serves their biscuits all day along with their amazing sweet tea!
  • The last bacon, egg and cheese sandwich mentioned on the list is from Poppy’s, located on Providence Road! This sandwich is said to be so tasty that it is likely to make you stop ordering cream cheese.

Although I’m sure there are many other BEC’s around Charlotte that are also amazing, we hope this list can be helpful in choosing where to enjoy your next breakfast! For the full Charlotte Agenda article, click here. You can also ask your trusted Dickens Mitchener agent for their recommendations!